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rotten to my core if they're to be believed

Worst luck ever...

You'd think, as hard as some lesser known actors work to get bread on the table, with the amount of movies some of them make, you'd think by sheer chance they'd actually appear in at least *one* good movie over the course of their careers, wouldn't you??....

I wouldn't call it a crush that I had on Matt McCoy in the mid-90's. I saw him purely by accident when I was following my other muse Christopher Lloyd into his then-latest pay-the-rent offering Rent-A-Kid. His (I'm talking about McCoy now) eyes terrified me, so much that I actually completed a lameo R.L. Stine-type horror teen novel with a character based on him. I rented so many, SO many bad movies starring Mr. McCoy in the year I was cranking that thing out, just to get a hit of him and his spooky-ass Hunk-of-the-Damned bleached out eyes. This poor far he holds the record for bad movies in my pantheon of B-movie actors. I watched 'em all. Fast Money. Eyes of the Beholder. White Wolves 2. Bigfoot: The Unforgettable Encounter. My Son Is Innocent. Police Academy 6!!!

(Before you say The Hand That Rocks The Cradle was a good movie, I posit to you every lame ripoff that Lifetime Network turned out in the years following, inspired by it. Blegh.)

Sheesh. And the guy's idol is Jimmy Stewart, which is even sadder. That such a Hollywood icon could influence someone to appear in such bargain basement junk...

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